Cat Dagit's homecoming

Dwan Schiers is telling her TASSO happy ending story

cat Dagit © Dwan Schiers

“Imagine for a moment that you live in a foreign country. That you speak very little of their language and now your cat has gone missing. Where do we turn? How do you communicate that you need help finding him? Who can you turn to? This is the situation that we found ourselves in just over four months ago. After searching the internet, I came across TASSO's website. Within minutes of filling in the information, I received a phone call from a very helpful lady that talked to me about tips for looking for our cat. She gave me the hope I needed. Now skip ahead four months: We are sitting in the living room and the phone rings. It is a representative from TASSO and they think our cat has been found. After another call to the person that found a cat and a quick trip to go see if in fact it was our cat, I am happy to report that our beautiful cat is back home with us. Without the work of the wonderful people of TASSO, I'm afraid this story would have had a very different ending. I would like to say thank you to all the people involved in this story, you helped to bring home a very special member of our family.”

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