Accommodation for refugees and their animals

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A lot of people are fleeing the war in Ukraine with their animals. However, refugees often find it difficult to find accommodation in Germany, as pets are generally not permitted in official refugee shelters. To ensure that owners and their animals can stay together, TASSO e.V. has created the TASSO.Help accomodation platform.

On this platform, people can provide accommodation for refugees and/or their animals and refugees can search specifically for accommodation with animals.

Go to TASSO.Help

How to search for an accomodation:

  1. Visit our website help.tasso.net
  2. Click on the button „Show accommodations“
  3. If you want to limit your search, you can enter a postcode or an animal species 
  4. Read the advertisements carefully and decide which accommodation would be suitable for you and your animal
  5. Once you have decided on an accommodation, please click on the button „Contact“ button to contact the provider
  6. Fill out the form with your contact detaills. Also write a short message with information about:
    • Your person (your family)
      Number of animals
      Length of stay (if information available)

Questions and answers for people searching for an accommodation

Do you have any questions regarding TASSO.Help? On our webseite you can find some useful information about our accommodation platform and some general support.

FAQ's for people seeking accommodation

How to provide an accomodation

  1. Visit our website www.help.tasso.net
  2. Click on the button "Help Now"
  3. Fill out the form with your contact details and provide information about your accommodation, for example:
    • What accommodation can you provide?
    • Do you have animals in your household?
    • How many people and animals can you accommodate?
  4. After that, you will receive an e-mail with all the information you provided and a link to activate you ad
  5. Please click the button"Activate Now" to publish your ad on TASSO.Help
  6. You can edit or delete your ad at any time. To do this, please click on the word "Link" which you will find under the button "Activate now"

Questions and answers for people providing for an accommodation

As a provider of accommodation, do you have any questions about TASSO.Help? On the following pages you will find helpful information about our accommodation platform.

FAQ's for people providing accommodation

Help us to raise awareness for TASSO.Help

HW_Banner_Squarebutton_125x125px-(7).jpgIn order to reach the right people, it is important that TASSO.Help becomes more known. We have created a flyer with key informations about our accommodation platform, which you are welcome to share online, print out and pass on. You can also share our news article. We would be very happy about your support! Thanks very much.

Download: TASSO.Help Flyer News article

Tell us your personal story

HW_Banner_Squarebutton_125x125px-(7).jpgMore and more refugees are finding suitable temporary accommodation for themselves and their animals on TASSO.Help. People who take in refugees and animals tell us about their experiences. You can find some beautiful and emotional success stories here.

TASSO.Help success stories

Safety Instructions

Accomodation offers on TASSO.Help are not verified. We can not check and guarantee the credibility of the people who are offering accomodation for refugees.

  • Please remember to protect yourself when using external help
  • Also make sure to look for a verification of an accommodation offer. The providers of these accomodations have confirmed their identity via SMS. It ensures that the accomodation offers are trustworthy.
  • Please consider whether the offer seems trustworthy to you.
  •  Make sure that you receive detailed contact information (full name, adress, telephone number and if necessary a copy of ID) in advance
  • Tell family or friends in which accomodation and with whom you are going to stay before leaving
  • Send also contact details and the license plate of the vehicle, which you are going to take, to family and friends
  • Please clarify in advance whether and how much you have to pay for the accommodation.
  • If you have any concerns, seek another source of help. Safety first!

Remember that you can always contact the police by calling 110 or 112.

Futhermore, TASSO.Help is a free directory provided by TASSO e.V. until further notice. TASSO e.V. will not take any liability for the quality, timeliness or accuracy of the information. We reserve the right to delete incorrect information at any time without notice.

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