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Online form for the gratis registration of a pet

Bitte beachten Sie: die Online-Registrierung funktioniert derzeit auf einigen Smartphones und Tablets nicht fehlerfrei. Verwenden Sie bitte möglichst einen Standard-PC oder ein Laptop.

In order to enable us to verify if your pet has already been registered with us, enter the transponder no. of the chip here already:

(If your pet has no chip you can leave this field empty.)
Transponder No. (Chip No.)   

Our entry form will guide you through the individual steps quickly and without any problems. In four simple steps, you can register your pet with TASSO giving it the security it requires and protecting it from permanent loss.

  1. Please enter your contact data (address, telephone, etc.).
  2. Enter your pet's details
  3. Verify your data protection options
  4. Verify your entries one more time and modify or confirm these. Done!

Please do not use this form when there has been a change of pet holder or changes to your data. For changes click on this link: Notification of change to TASSO e.V.

By the way: We at TASSO place great importance on data security. This is the reason why this page is also SSL encrypted. It goes without saying that data will neither be published nor forwarded to third-parties at any point in time. For additional details, please refer to our data protection regulations.

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